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Earning a living every day with 4 football betting techniques

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The secrets to making money with football betting at online bookmakers  are shared by professional bettors online. This article compiles all of these experiences to support amateur bettors in earning a living every day and eventually becoming outstanding experts, passing on their betting experiences to future generations.

Technique 1: "The Lone Sword" - Overwhelming Victory

This winning technique is easy to apply and has a high success rate, with an expected probability of up to 85% from bookmakers. However, mastering this technique requires consistent practice. This method is implemented when a turning point in the match occurs due to a red card given to players on the field. In this case, if the odds remain unchanged, meaning the main odds are still evenly balanced or favoring the team with the red card, you should bet on the team with the red card to win, with odds of at least -9. The lower the potential winnings, the higher the chances of winning.


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Easy-to-understand illustration:

For example, in the 2015-2016 Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla, if a red card is shown to a Liverpool player but the odds remain balanced or favor Sevilla, you should still bet on Sevilla because Liverpool has an advantage and is likely to adopt a defensive strategy to secure a victory. This way, you can earn money right there.

Technique 2: First Half (HT) Betting

This technique is applied throughout the entire match, based on the overall match odds, also known as Full Time (FT) odds. If the match has progressed to 25-30 minutes but the FT odds are still -0.5, the odds for HT betting are up to 80%. This is a way to win with first-half bets. If anyone has a better method, let's exchange and discuss to improve the article.

Technique 3: "Roasted Suckling Pig, Grab and Eat"

This method is for those who have a new bong88 account and can combine it with the "Lone Sword" technique. With bong88, each match usually has three specific odds. The turning point here is to choose a match with the main odds being evenly balanced, meaning a handicap of 0/0, one quarter-goal handicap for the home team, and one quarter-goal handicap for the away team. Pay close attention to these parameters to avoid confusion. Combine this with the second technique of the red card, wait until the match reaches 70 minutes or later. At this point, bong88 will eliminate one of the odds, leaving only two: the main odds and a secondary odds. Now, we will bet on the remaining secondary odds because it will have a 90% chance of winning. Additionally, the main odds should have odds below 90, preferably below 80, while odds above 90 should be avoided.

Ultimate" - Eating a ¾ handicap


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The ultimate tactic is often used in matches between teams with a significant difference in quality or current form, such as Chelsea facing Barcelona. A ¾ handicap means that the team is either expected to win or lose by a certain margin, unlike a 0 handicap. In this type of handicap, the home team usually starts the match with an advantage of more than one goal, which allows bettors to win money. However, this tactic can still be used by the team receiving the handicap under certain circumstances, such as a red card or suspicions of match-fixing. Making significant tactical changes by substituting players can also lead to easy victories in crucial matches like the semifinals of prestigious tournaments such as the Champions League or early-stage finals like the domestic cup finals. Weaker teams like Sevilla can still defeat a strong Barcelona side using this tactic. In fiercely competitive matches where the motivation to win and secure titles for the club is high, the handicap margin becomes less important, and the probability of victory for smaller teams increases. It becomes difficult for these types of matches to have a goal difference of 2 or more.


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